Start your Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 SnowBlower

R Sloan
R Sloan
21 Nov 2020

Easy fix If you watch this video you will see there is a brass bowl below the carburetor It is accessible between the tire and frame There are 2 10mm bolts on this brass bowl Drain all the gas from the tank with a siphon back into a gas container Unscrew the bolt that's off center to empty the gas out off the brass bowl If no fuel comes out of the bowl that is a good sign that the jet is clogged Make sure to catch that in a separate cup Then unscrew the center bolt and the brass bowl will come off with a black rubber o-ring Next use a small flat head screwdriver to unscrew the brass screw from the center shaft see this video on the detached carburetor When you unscrew this you will have 2 brass pieces total Clean both as shown in this video Then put the long brass jet back in the center hole Hold it in place as you screw the small brass screw back in place Then reattached the brass bowl with the black rubber o-ring and be sure both bolts are tight Refill gas and your unit should start

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