Toro Power Max 826 LE Snow Blower Running Issue Repair Carb Replacement Carb Clean HOW TO VIDEO

R Sloan
R Sloan
11 Nov 2020

Here we have a BEAUTIFUL TORO POWER MAX 826LE Worked its way back to me due to the fact it will NOT RUN OFF CHOKE I ruled out it was a fuel issue Owner WANTED A NEW CARB and didn't want me to service the existing carb the HMSK80 Tecumseh ENGINE on the machine calls for a carb with adjustable main jet and idle jet I had the non-adjustable one in stock I KNOW FOR A FACT that you can swap an adjustable carb instead of fixed jets carb I thought HEY I can convert from Fixed to NON and I was wrong If its a adjustable carb must swap with the adjustable carb The correct replacement adjustable carb is 632334a or 632111 that can be had on Ebay for a beyond reasonable price If you stuck in a jam amazon it is but you will pay more If you found this video helpful and or entertaining PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for more small engine related videos as I like to FLIP N FIX Feel free to comment good or bad Feel free as well to check out my existing videos CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

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